St Dunstan's College Digital Archives

Since its foundation in Catford in 1888, St Dunstan’s College has sought to deliver an innovative and exciting education, placing itself at the forefront of contemporary thinking, whilst being grounded in a rich, 600-year history, having initially been established as a Parish School alongside the now ruined church of St Dunstan’s in the East, in the City of London. Much of the College’s story has been affected by the balance between honouring its rich traditions and progressing forward as a quality independent school in London.

The many changes the College has undergone over the decades reflect both the innovative thinking of the people involved as well as the sometimes unpredictable circumstances of the times.


This digital archive extends the St Dunstan’s story that much further. What you will find here is an ever growing collection of records from the school archives as well as the personal collections of Dunstonians from all generations. We hope you enjoy browsing through this valuable resource.

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